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Get rid of the cause of all diseases and chronic diseases 

  ( Parasites, Virus, Bacteria, and Funji) including:


  • Cancer
  • Aids 
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • All Infections
  • Arthritis(Rheumatoid) and other arthritis related Problems
  • Joint & Pain management
  • Help Rebuild Tissue Ligaments and Cartilage
  • Diabetes
  • all kinds of Allergies
  • Impotence
  • All Skin Diseases and Many more Ailments.

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Four Powder products: Super Detox Max +

  Super Anti Aging +

Super Immune +

                                    Super Energy +

Capsules and pills:  Stress Away

                              Fat Away

                              Super Multi

                              Cocoa Cal Mag

                              B Complex 75

                              Sub lingual B12-Mc

                              Coenzymes Q 10

                              Niacinamide (dietary supplement)

                              Prostate Plus

                              Super Joint Flex

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     Natural Products to Improve your Health

                   Our Products Assist In: 


  • Reducing fatigue and increase energy
  • Reducing food Allergies
  • Alleviating sinus symptoms
  • Reducing mood swings
  • Reducing headaches
  • Reducing skin wrinkles
  • Rejuvenating your skin and get a healthy glow and look younger




Using our products:

Super Complete Digestex and Metabooster

Super Complete Heavy Metal Organ Detox Antiaging

Super Complete Immune Power

Shark Liver Oil


Some Proceeds Are Donated To Charity


Successfully Helping Adults & Children For 20 Years With All Ailments & Chronic Diseases Including

Aids, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, All Infections, Arthritis (Rheumatoid) and other arthritis related Problems, Joint & Pain management, Help Rebuilt Tissue Ligaments and Cartilage, Diabetes, all kinds of Allergies, Impotence, All Skin Diseases, & Many more Ailments

Using our products

We have a special program for total body detox:

  Colon, Liver, Lungs, kidneys, Lymph and Skin.  Also helps purify the blood,

Clean the Arteries, get rid of Mucus and Phlegm 

We Also Help with Pain such as: 
Back, Neck, Knees, Joint, Ligament, Tissue, Muscle and many more Pains

Introducing our latest product Fish Liver Oil 

Reduce Pain Within Minutes!

We have excellent products for Joints, Ligament, Tissue, Muscle  

Our product: Super Complete Joint Flex helps relieve pain, inflammation and swelling, and also rebuilds cartilage, disc, ligament, and tissue

Cleanse Your Body-Lose Weight- Reduce Cellulite 

Using our Products

 Super Complete Digestex and Metabooster


Super Complete heavy Metal Organ Detox Antiaging

If you are looking for a natural and holistic alternative to clinical medicine, look no further than Holistic Health Center Inc., located in Las Vegas, Nevada. At Holistic Health Center, we specialize in offering holistic and herbal remedies for various ailments. Our Doctor NAGEB A. SALHA, has master in iridology, nutrition, herbology, and is a natural medicine graduate. Also, have training in Accupuncture and Chiropractic work.  He has traveled the world lecturing on natural medicine, achieving healthy lifestyles and well-being. He has appeared on national and international TV programs. Our products are sold internationally. For more information regarding our holistic products contact us by phone or by eml.

Feel healthier and more energetic within a few weeks, guaranteed!

   Products Are New and Improved

Joint Flex - Contact us in Las Vegas, Nevada, for information regarding our Doctor of Holistic Medicine, offering natural products and herbal products for the body. Metab Booster - Contact us in Las Vegas, Nevada, for information regarding our Doctor of Holistic Medicine, offering natural products and herbal products for the body. Immune Power - Contact us in Las Vegas, Nevada, for information regarding our Doctor of Holistic Medicine, offering natural products and herbal products for the body.

Exceeding Expectations

At Holistic Health Center, we are the only company offering products with unique formulas that alleviate many health ailments with only one product thus saving you hundreds of dollars. The products were formulated and tested on thousands of patients to ensure the best results obtainable. We have been in business for 14 years. We have  clinics internationally where we broadcast a television show 6 days a week. Our products were formulated by a doctor in Naturopathic Medicine and Nutrition. He also has a Master's Degree in Iridology and a Master's Degree in Herbology.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Waterfall - Contact us in Las Vegas, Nevada, for information regarding our Doctor of Holistic Medicine, offering natural products and herbal products for the body.

12 Products In One

 Super Complete Joint Flex

 Super Complete Immune Power

 Super Complete MetaBooster Digestex

 Alleviate Symptoms Of: Strengthen the immune system to control infections, viruses such as: Aids in:
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Osteo Arthritis
  • Joint Inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Rebuilds Cartilage
  • Rebuilds Tissue
  • Rebuilds Ligament
  • Disc Problems
  • Rebuilds Bone
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • And many more
  • Cancer 
  • Aids
  • Asthma
  • Head congestion
  • Tonsillitis
  • Phlegm
  • Ear Fungus and Infections
  • Bladder Infections
  • Vaginal Infections
  • Kidney Infections
  • Gum Diseases and Infections
  • And many more
  • Constipation
  • Adds Flora/Healthy
  • Bacteria
  • Heart Burn
  • Indigestion
  • Acid Reflex
  • Ulcers
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Helps Elimination
  • Kills Parasites
  • Promotes a Healthier Digestive System and colon
  • Balances Metabolic Function
  • Burns Fat and Cholesterol

New And Improved Products Available:

Super Complete Heavy Metal
Organ Detox


Helps With Cancer - Contact us in Las Vegas, Nevada, for information regarding our Doctor of Holistic Medicine, offering natural products and herbal products for the body.

20+ Products Wrapped In One !!!!!!

  • Help Detox All the heavy metal from the body Like: Mercury, Gold, Silver, Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and many others
  • Help Detox and rejuvenate All 6 Eliminating Organs:
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Lymph
  • Lung
  • Small and Large intestine
  • Skin.
  • Help clean and purify the blood
  • Help clean mucus from lungs and the rest of the body
  • Help eliminate Parasites
  • Help with fatigue and low energy
  • Help with food allergies
  • Help with irritability and mood swings
  • Help with headaches
  • Help with skin rashes
  • Help with skin wrinkles
  • Help Rejuvenate skin
  • Help with sinus
  • Chronic Fatigue syndrome
  • And many more Ailments


 Our New Famous products

Highest Quality and mostly Organic





B Complex-75


A dietary supplement to support proper nerve function

 • Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacinamide (B3), VitaminB Complex-75 contains 11 Balanced B Vitamins:Recommended For:

B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid (B5),

PABA, Choline and Inositol.

Nervous system support*

Coping with stress and irritability*

Cardiovascular support*

• function, cognitive activity and aid in energy production.*

Thiamin is also needed for acetylcholine production, a

neurotransmitter involved in learning and memory


• reactions in the body. Vitamin B6 is required for normal

brain and nerve function, the synthesis of certain

neurotransmitters and lipids that are part of the myelin


• the fatty sheaths that cover and protect nerve endings.*

• and fatty acid metabolism.*

• impulses from the brain throughout the central nervous


Thiamin and Niacinamide are required for normal brainVitamin B6 is needed for more than 100 enzymaticVitamin B12 is necessary for the maintenance of myelin,Biotin supports healthy nerve tissue, aids in cell growthCholine is needed for the proper transmission of nerve

 • adrenal hormones and is required by all cells.*

Pantothenic Acid may be helpful in managing irregular

moods and stress.*

• pantothenic acid and a deficiency may lead to irregular

mood states, irritability and nervousness.*

• allowing for more restful and refreshing sleep.*

• to mood swings and irritability.*

Pantothenic Acid plays a role in the production of thePABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) helps in the assimilation ofVitamin B12 has been shown to enhance sleep patterns,Inositol has a calming effect and a deficiency may lead

• circulation.*

• energy from carbohydrates, protein and fats.

• cholesterol.* It is also involved in the process of

transsulfuration, a pathway that breaks down

homocysteine to prevent its buildup in the bloodstream.*

• formation of red blood cells which help increase

capillary blood flow and are necessary to recycle

homocysteine into methionine.* Folic Acid is needed for

energy production, protein metabolism and repair of

RNA and DNA.

• normal ranges.*

Thiamin and Niacinamide are needed for properRiboflavin is a necessary cofactor in the production ofVitamin B6 is needed for proper metabolism of fat andFolic Acid and Vitamin B12 are needed for theBiotin and Choline aid in fat and cholesterol metabolism.*Inositol helps to maintain cholesterol levels within

Thiamin 75 mg

Riboflavin 75 mg

Niacinamide 75 mg

Vitamin B6 75 mg

Folic Acid 400 mcg

Vitamin B12 75 mcg

Biotin 300 mcg

Pantothenic Acid 75 mg

PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) 75 mg

Choline 75 mg

Inositol 75 mg

Other ingredients: vegetable cellulose, vegetable stearate,

rice flour.

• health care practitioner before taking this or any

nutritional product.

• daily with a meal, or as directed by your health care


Warning: If you are pregnant or nursing, consult yourSuggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule



  Fat Away+


• healthy cortisol function.*

A dietary supplement to support weight management and Fat Away+

is effective in increasing lean muscle mass

and decreasing fat.*

• Tonalin®

brand CLA (Conjugated Linolenic Acid) helps

the body metabolize existing fat deposits.* This fat then

returns to the blood stream where it is used as energy by

muscle cells and the liver.*

Fat Away+

is a great way toRecommended for: Fat Away+ reduce fat and increase lean muscle mass safely and

Maintaining blood glucose and cholesterol levels within

normal ranges*

Weight Management*

Energy and improved muscle mass for Weight Lifters/ Body


is completely natural and does not contain any

stimulants or artificial ingredients.

• CLA reduces body fat and tones muscles by decreasing the

ability of fat storage cells to take dietary fats from the

bloodstream.* Existing fat cells shrink and new fat cells are

prevented from forming.* In addition, Tonalin®

boostsFat Away+

metabolism and improves the breakdown of fat in muscle

cells for energy.* The result is a better appearance by

decreasing fat and increasing lean muscle*.

Reduces ability of fat storage cells to take dietary fatsStudies have shown CLA:

Supplement Facts

Each softgel capsule contains:

Calories 9effectively.*

Calores from Fat 9

Total Fat 1 g

Saturated Fat 96 mg

Monounsaturated Fat 145 mg

Polyunsaturated Fat 760 mg

Cholesterol 0

Sodium 0

Total Carbohydrates 0

Safflower Oil 1,000 mg

yielding (Tonalin®

brand) CLA 720 mgWarning:

Other ingredients: free fatty acids, gelatin, glycerin, color.

If you are pregnant or nursing, consult yourSuggested Use:

health care practitioner before taking this or any

nutritional product.

As a dietary supplement, take 1

capsule, 3 times daily with meals, or as directed by your

health care practitioner.

reduce fat and increase lean muscle mass safely and



Stress Away+


• Control & Healthy Cortisol Function.*

A Vegetarian Dietary Supplement to Support Appetite


Thermogenesis, an increased metabolic rate, & energy

Proper fat metabolism and development of lean body mass*

Maintenance of Cortisol & blood sugar levels within

Appetite control & hunger management*


support thermogenesis & fat metabolism.* They work

together to increase calorie burning and support lean muscle

mass within the body.*

Green Tea, Metabromine, Guarana Seed & Black Pepper

 Black Pepper support energy production & offer

metabolism stimulating effects.*

Metabromine, Eleutherococcus senticosus, Guarana Seed, &

Stress Management & Appetite Control*


management.* This stress-free state of mind may help to

balance Cortisol levels & support weight loss.*

Eleutherococcus senticosus & L-Theanine support stress


appetite control & maintenance of blood sugar levels within

normal range.* They act as appetite suppressants to reduce

cravings & lower caloric intake.*

Hoodia, Guarana Seed & Banaba Leaf Extract support


balance & maintenance of Cortisol levels within normal

ranges.* Balanced Cortisol supports healthy weight


Banaba Leaf, L-Theanine & Chromium support hormone


• Banaba leaf extract contains corosolic acid, which maintains

blood sugar levels within normal ranges.*

• Hoodia Gordonii acts on nerve cells in the brain that sense

glucose levels and activates them, making the body feel full.*

• Metabromine

feeling of “Chocolate euphoria” without the calories to make

dieting more satisfying.* Both Metabromine

 by Benchmark® Botanicals, provides a pleasant® and Benchmark®

Botanicals are trademarks of Triarco Industries.

• Suntheanine

documentation with over 45 studies in the areas of stress

management, good mood, & energy levels.* Research also

shows that L-Theanine helps to counteract negative effects of

Caffeine like nervousness and jitters. Suntheanine

 brand L-Theanine has extensive research and®

L-Theanine is patented and licensed by Taiyo International, Inc.


Fat Burning Support*

• Guarana seed naturally contains caffeine, which support

 Supplement Facts

Chromium (Cr. Polynicotinate) 50 mcg

A proprietary blend of Green Tea Extract, Theobroma

Cacao whole fruit (Metabromine®

brand), Hoodia

Gordonii, Eleutherococcus senticosus (Root) 375 mg

yielding EGCG 105 mg

Theobromine 6 mg

Caffeine 1.5 mg

Guarana (Seed) Extract 100 mg

yielding Caffeine 25 mg

L-Theanine (Suntheanine®

brand) 25 mg

Lagestroemia speciosa L. (Banaba) Leaf Extract 10 mg

yielding Corosolic Acid 0.1 mg

Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) Seed Extract 5 mg

Other ingredients: vegetable cellulose, rice flour, vegetable



Do not take this product if you are pregnant,

nursing, have fibrocystic breast disease, high blood pressure,

or if you’re taking MAO or SSRI drugs or antihypertensive



This product naturally contains caffeine. Do not take

if you are caffeine sensitive.

Suggested Use:

As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule, 3  times daily, 30 minutes before each meal, or as directed by

your health care practioner.



 Make You Feel Healthy,Energetic and Looking Your

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Contact us in Las Vegas, Nevada, for information regarding our Doctor of Holistic Medicine, offering natural products and herbal products for the body.

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